And so it begins...

The world will never cease to amaze me. Yet another astounding chapter added to my tumultuous life today. I suppose it began with my happenstance meeting with a poaching pixie and a drunkard dwarf in a den I would normally never enter had I not been looking for thieves and con men. It seems that most of that ilk would carouse in such a pit of insobriety. And yet, I found the nature of the environment changed my own this day. As content as I assumed I was with my position in the city guard I seemed to have allowed a spark of interest in following my adventurous heart. I knew the blood of my mother still flowed thick in my veins and it was only a matter of time before the wilds called my name again. Or perhaps it was just the weed…

In either case, where these events will lead I am not certain. I have a gut feeling that the genasi and his “historical society” are much more than meets the eye and even more than what my ears can hear. His superfluous tale may ring true in the minds of my compatriots, but I remain as suspicious as I can be allowed for a half-elf who has seen the nature of others be turned by fear. I could smell it thick in the air the day we met our agent. Whether from him or the man he had freshly beaten I could not be certain though I remain certain that the plague of fear does not wash clean from any and it will corrupt a mind as pure as a priest of Moradin. The goblin thugs reeked of the same odor as well.

No, I am not fooled. However, this will not stop me from pursuing my curiosity. Perhaps this society of historians will provide answers, whether they choose to speak them or not.



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